How high can the drone fly? We have a ceiling height of 400ft (120m). Anything over and above 400ft requires special approval from CASA (Civil Aviation Security Australia).


What is the set-up time? We have drones that we can deploy in less than five minutes.


How much does it cost? Each job is quoted individually based on your requirements. Connect via our contact page, outline your requirements, location and we can give you a quote.


Are you insured? Yes, We are insured for $10 million to operate our drones. 


What sort of cameras do you use? We use the latest cameras from Canon, Sony and Panasonic. We are always updating our kit to ensure the highest quality output.


How do you deliver my media? We can send files via Dropbox or can post a hard drive or USB to you.


Who owns the media? 'First Party' image licences entitles a client to use the photography and/or aerial vision for all their own direct purposes. You will be not allowed to extend the usage to a third party without the permission of Flightcraft UAV to negotiate image licencesor reproduction fees. 


Do you re-touch the images? Yes. We colour grade and sharpen your images. Composition work in Photoshop is an extra cost. Let us know your requirements and we will give you a quote.


Do you supply edited video? We can supply the raw vision, or if you're after a fully produced clip we will get our post production team to provide a quote to package up your project.


Are there any restrictions when flying the drone? We are governed by CASA and we abide by their rules and regulations when operating our drones. Any drone operations within the CBD needs to be assessed by CASA on an individual case by case basis for an area approval, a safety plan for operating in such a live environment. 

We cannot operate in the rain and/or winds over 15kt/27km.